10 Video Games That Should Have Movie Adaptations

10 Video Games That Should Have Movie Adaptations

10 Video Games That Should Have Movie Adaptations

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We have played some remarkable video games that received amazing reviews from all over the world. Now imagine them being part of a Hollywood Flick. Sounds awesome, right? Here is the list of Top 10 Games that should have Movie Adaptations.

10.Castlevania series
Hollywood has a new shortage of movies based around vampires. While there have been many incarnations over the years, perhaps they should take a lesson from this highly successful series and take the genre back to its roots. With decades of games to choose from, filmmakers would have quite a selection of their heads. The flash versions of this game can be easily found on websites like Miniclip or Virteract. From the Belmonts question to defeat the vampire King to soma cruises personal struggle to subdue his bloodsucker heritage. Anyway, all we really need is for them to include a reference to this game.

9. God of War series
It’s a tried and proven method that when you mix mythology with excessive amounts of violence you can earn yourself a household name. Kratos and his tail of bloody vengeance would be something of a spiritual successor to 300, with the best parts of the Clash of the Titans added on, which could prove to be quite a juggling act. As long as the size and scope of the characters are fully realized, and our favorite Spartan dispatches his enemies in the most brutal ways possible, then chances are this could become a mythological action blockbuster that will have audiences cheering while also cringing at how the side gets the stuffing beaten out of him.

8. XCOM 2
Turn-based tactics would normally be a rather tricky subject to turn into a cohesive cinematic narrative. Luckily, the XCOM franchise is practically mapped out the makings for a thrilling sci-fi action that, in the right hands could make the original splendor of Independence Day with a darker undertone. Having lost the battle with the alien menace, but once formidable XCOM unit has become a handful of resistance fighters forced to launch guerrilla warfare on an alien-infested Earth. With a plot like that, there’s plenty of potentials to capture both high-octane drills as well as an overwhelming sense of dread.
7. Command and Conquer – Red Alert series
This one is kind of an obvious choice since the cutscenes in this real-time strategy game already feature live action performances. The premise here is built on a singular theory -“What if Albert Einstein traveled back in time and killed Hitler?” Unimpeded by the Nazis, the Soviet Union becomes a massive superpower that soon invades Europe, forcing the nations of the world to unite under the ultimate Red Menace. Due to its unapologetic cheesiness, this could quickly become a tongue-in-cheek comedy that could poke fun at the ridiculousness of its scenario. But it could also be a fun intersection of the science fiction and war-movie genres.

6. Beyond Good and Evil
If guardians of the galaxy and serenity taught us anything is that the world is hungry for some fun, colorful sci-fi that still manages to present a legit threat for audiences to invest in. Jade and her motley crew of alien palace fit right into this category and as an investigative reporter looking into a galaxy-wide conspiracy, they’re certainly the makings of a gripping story. Considering how our protagonist is also far from helpless and well-versed in martial arts adding well-choreographed fight scenes but also elevated from your average spacefaring adventure. Not to mention giving fans a new kickass heroine to look up to.

5. Metal Gear Solid series
There’s never been a greater example of gaming that’s managed to combine espionage, conspiracy and a whole lot of feels more than this franchise. Granted due to each of the games excessive amount of exposition, fitting a direct adaptation of one of the games into a two-hour film would kind of be out of the question. Still, it’s playing gaps in the timeline that would be suitable for new stories to fill in. With an immersive historically accurate backdrop accompanied by antagonist without of this world abilities, a cinematic version of snake and companies tactical espionage operations would be glorious.

4. Life is strange
The beauty of this episodic tale of growth and sacrifice wasn’t only due to the protagonist’s ability to manipulate time, but from the trials and tribulations, she shared with her fellow students. On the cusp of adulthood, Max Caulfield makes for an excellent heroin that everyone can relate to on some level. Throwing a compelling murder mystery, the dangerous consequences of time travel, as well as a rather beautiful relationship with her old friend Chloe and you have the makings of a film that could not only entertain but strike a powerful chord in young adults.

3. To The Moon
With the creation of game engines like RPG Maker, more and more people are contributing to the indie game scene, raising the bar for quality storytelling. One of the picks of the litter has to go to this deeply moving and only profound hit. The plot follows two scientists as they attempt to implant artificial memories into the mind of a dying man, so he can live out his dream of heading to the moon. Things don’t exactly go according to the plan, and what follows is a journey through a man’s complicated, sad life. With the sci-fi element acting as a catalyst to tell the story of unrequited love, the movie adaptation would be one heck of a tearjerker.

2. Dishonored
Tales of revenge never get old especially when our protagonist is a mass wielding assassin attempting to bring down an entire corrupt establishment armed to the teeth with supernatural powers. The game looks amazing due to its emphasis on stealth, branching ways to eliminate a target, and it’s cool art design taken right out of the nineteenth-century artwork. A cinematic version would have to try to capture the city of Dunwall in all of its steampunk glory. While also capitalizing on the opportunity to bring more depth to Corbo and his personal demons over his failure to protect the Empress, if done well Dishonored could truly be like a blood-stained painting come to life.

1. Uncharted series
For the last one, it was a tough choice between uncharted and the last of us. But if it stays true to the spirit of the original game, Uncharted could easily become a new generation’s Indiana Jones. The challenges of Nathan Drake are some of the most interesting that we’ve seen from the genre lately. So we would love to see his legendary outings given the Hollywood treatment. Of course, none of it would melt together unless they nailed the chemistry between Drake, the lovely Elena Fisher, and Victor Sullivan. If they can get that down, they are practically sitting on a gold mine or fortune.

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