– Is This Your Router’s IP Address? – Is This Your Router’s IP Address?

The IP is the default address suitable for certain high-speed internet wireless routers, particularly for different models of Netgear or D

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The IP is the default address suitable for certain high-speed internet wireless routers, particularly for different models of Netgear or D-Link. Producers allocate this IP to all the wireless routers they manufacture. However, you may tweak this with the network router configuration page.

It’s a private IPv4 computer network address. To access the IP address simply just enter in the address bar on your browser.

A look at

A broadband internet router is an important constituent of any home computer network. In case you are presently having a broadband connection to network system you may automatically gain access to this particular IP. Wireless routers which use the IP address will certainly operate correctly as their distinct elements will be put together.

DHCP server is not needed because all wireless routers available today have built in options that function as DHCP server. If needed, this particular IP address can be changed by the wireless router user. All you’re going to be required to do is enter the IP in your own browser and reconfigure the configuration settings to change the router IP.

This specific IP address makes it possible for only one piece of equipment to be attached to it. If an additional device is put to use it’ll create a network dysfunction. You will need to ensure only you have access to the router configuration settings considering the fact that others may change the wireless router settings without your awareness or permission.

Some Additional Functions

Just like various other non-public IP addresses, can normally be used. According to 192-168-01.com even when you are not allowed with the use of just one single device with this particular IP, it might always be used on a number of networks. This particular point is what makes the IP ideal for personal computers attached on a pre-existing network. This particular IP has various other features outside of the network. It’s fascinating to know that this IP address is the exact same to the default gateway in the computer. It is best labeled as the place where info is processed and delivered to numerous places. It is generally seen on a local area computer network but it could also be used as an internal address.


It is not uncommon to come across certain difficulties when using the IP. Also, it is possible to fix these types of issues when you visit this specific IP. So, if at one moment you start out having internet connection issues, the ultimate place to examine for fix would be the router options page.

As soon as you login to the router configuration page it is possible to change some vital functions. At the moment, you could quickly complete the following as soon as you sign in to the wireless router admin page.

We’ve mentioned previously that you could change the username and password. This could be done if a security measure violation has been suspected, search in the WEP as well as DHCP configurations.

You will also be capable of reconfigure the particular device.

In the router configuration page you can certainly setup your LAN computer network and stuff like that.

If you do not set up a security password, the network files will be accessible to just about all users. That’s the reason it is important to shield your own network system by having a strong password made of letters, figures and specific characters.

Last Note

The particular IP is definitely an important element of the network. It is vital to discover just as much around the configurations and any other information in connection with this IP. Thus, if you go through some online connectivity troubles, you will be able to take care of them very easily.