5 Tech tools to simplify your life [2016]

5 Tech tools to simplify your life [2016]

Try this 5 Tech tools to simplify your life 2016 tricksuniversity guest post

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In this world and age, life can sometimes be as damn hectic as you have to juggle between various things. When you are young, things are a little bit easy but as you grow up, you realize the more things continue becoming more hectic, and there’s a lot to do. In your 20’s, you are probably juggling between school and a part time job. Then you have to get yourself a job and work up to 8 hours a day. Then come the married life and family. At this point, your career is most likely picking up and growing, and so you have to juggle between your job, spending time with your kids and also making time for your spouse. Technology may not be able to solve everything but, at least, it had simplified things for us and made them much more efficient. Here, I have compiled five tech tools that have come in handy in simplifying our lives.


When you are working nearly 8 hours a day and sometimes even the weekends, we can fully say that you barely have time to organize yourself and your schedules. On certain days, you may have meetings which you may sometimes forget due to your hectic schedule. Worry no more. This app has all that figured out for you. It is an app found on iPhones, and it usually pull out all events from your calendar. On top of that, it incorporates the whole information with social data from various social media platforms such as Facebook. With this app, you can see events on Facebook and many other things on social media. You can also be able to reply to your event invites and send them via the app. This is breaking tech news that you need to look out for.


With all the social platforms out there, remembering your password has turned to become a task to many of us. When you are on various platforms using different passwords, remembering them can be hectic. It is no wonder that last year’s most used password was, password. This app stores all your passwords and automatically fills in your credentials for you ensuring you never have to cram your passwords. The app can also give you some suggestions on some very strong passwords for you to use. You may ask, isn’t it easy for someone else to get access to my social platforms? Well, no. The app offers two authentication processes to ensure that you are who you claim to be.


Nowadays many people have different professional, more casual and social information on all available platforms. Vizify will simplify all that for you and pull out relevant information, bringing it all into one webpage. All you need to do is just connect all your social profiles. The app will organize all your information and put them in an orderly manner that is you can see all your relevant information such as your educational background, your career information and all that.


Nowadays, social media has become more of an addiction than a platform for getting information and entertainment. Sometimes, though, it can be hectic because you may be busy working and would like to take a quick peak on your various platforms. The whole process is hectic because you have to stop what you are doing and login to your different accounts to get what you are searching for. This pp is free, and it allows you share a webpage to your various social media platforms.It also gives you relevant information that you may need.


With so much information in our lives, from our children pictures from when they were young to important documents that we may have, we often need to save these things to ensure that we do not lose them. Many people avoid backing up their data as they claim it too tedious. This app is very affordable as it only goes for $5 a month. On top of that, it offers unlimited storage for your data. All you need to do is set up certain software, and you have the app. The app also allows you to get access to your files from your Smartphone when you are away from your computer.

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