7 Reasons why Tech Giant Microsoft infuses Office 365 with Machine Learning

7 Reasons why Tech Giant Microsoft infuses Office 365 with Machine Learning

7 Reasons why Tech Giant Microsoft infuses Office 365 with Machine Learning TricksUniversity

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The new Office 365 is now in a position to tap machine learning. This is as a result of new updates to the old Office 365 resulting to improved capabilities of PowerPoint, Outlook, and Word. To add these advanced abilities, the new Office 365’s updates will make use of natural language processing and machine learning. Here are the seven reasons why the tech giant has infused Office 365 with machine learning.

  1. Researchers and Editor for Word

    Besides its natural language processing, Editor is now in a position to use machine learning to provide appropriate suggestions for phrases and alternate words. Moreover, it is now able to suggest ideal word replacements to users. A few changes have been brought onboard to ease things for users. For instance, users who have problems with hyphens and commas can now correct these issues thanks to some gold dotted line. Researcher now allows users to look for specific pieces of information in their Word documents. This has greatly simplified work for Word users.

  2. To provide improved writing in Word

    Microsoft is very much aware that writing can be difficult at times. This is due to the numerous typing errors and inappropriate use of words. For this reason, it has introduced machine learning to Office 365 to improve users’ writing. New Word tools have been put in place to help writers make their final piece of information easy to be understood by the readers. Consider visiting the fusecrunch tech news for the latest news in technology.

  3. A more focused Inbox

    Microsoft has infused Office 365 with machine learning to provide their users with a focused Outlook inbox. This has been made possible by ‘Focused Inbox’, which is a new Outlook tool that allows users to separate their received emails according to their importance. This allows users to get email notifications based on the importance of the email. The new tool allows for convenience as well as best experience. Moreover, the new Outlook Inbox contains a feature that allows for the identification of emails that require instant attention.

  4. Allow for PowerPoint Zoom

    Microsoft has also infused a new feature to the 2016 PowerPoint that allows for PowerPoint zoom. This feature will greatly help users to zoom their presentations into the needed areas. Moreover, the new feature will enable PowerPoint users to take a closer and deeper look into the desired sections of their presentations. Also, the PowerPoint zoom feature will allow users to provide detailed analysis during presentations. Additionally, users can now switch from one part of a presentation to another regardless of the previous order.

  5. To provide better editing and grammatical recommendations

    The tech giant has decided to infuse Office 365 with machine learning to ease the work of writers. Because writers are bound to make grammatical errors when typing information on Word, the new tool will greatly be of help. Also, editing information will now be fast thanks to the new tool that provides editing recommendations. This will make users enjoy using Office 365 than ever before. [post_ads]

  6. To make workers more efficient

    The new updates and modifications on Office 365 will be able to make workers more efficient. Additionally, users will no longer forget to respond to important emails; thanks to the new email notification feature that provides email notifications based on the importance level of the email. Similarly, typing and editing will now be easier and faster, thanks to the new Researcher and Editor feature. These tools recommend the most appropriate words to replace specific phrases. Users with hyphens and commas issues now have a reason to smile thanks to Word’s new dotted gold line that flags these issues.

  7. To allow for improved proofreading of Word documents

    It is normal for users to provide Word documents that have typos among other writing mistakes. Sometimes, proofreading documents after writing can be overwhelming. However, with the new tool for proofreading, users can now have an easy time. They can effectively proofread their work within no time. The new tool also provides best alternatives for phrases and words making writing much easier.


Office 365 has now been infused with machine learning, and this has added a wide range of abilities into PowerPoint, Outlook, and Word. These updates will provide improved user experience and users will be able to produce better results and save time.

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