7 Wireless Router Problems and How to Solve Them

7 Wireless Router Problems and How to Solve Them

Top 7 Wireless Router Problems and How to Solve Them tricksuniversity 2016

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The people who have a wireless broadband router device to make your home network or office network can encounter some problems in your device. Having problems in the broadband router doesn’t mean that you have a bad router. Due to the human errors or network errors, your router will get some frequent problems which can be easily resolved with the simple solutions. The top 7 problems encountered by your wireless router device are listed here with the regarding solutions to solve them. 

Top 4 problems faced by your wireless router:

1 Very slower router connection – The two main things causing the slower router connection problem. Most of the wireless broadband routers usually work on the 2.5GHz band. If you are adding any cordless phones, microwave oven, baby monitor, garage door opener, or any other electronic device which work on the same 2.5 GHz band recently to your environment, you can see this problem in your router. Removing it from that region or turn off it may give you some improvement in the connection. If it is not a problem, you can try changing your router channel to control the setup of your devices.

2 Router is very slow and can’t get your game on – When the network users are trying to play any game through the internet, it will be very slower sometime. The same 2.5GHz band electronic device in the area is a reason to this problem or your broadband router is not optimized for the online game play. In order to fix this problem, you can remove that particular electronic device from the network region or optimize your router suitable for the online game play.
3 The users are locked out – Sometimes, the network users have lost the passphrase and you can’t able to access all features of your router device. When you have this trouble in your wireless router, you can reset your router using the reset button at the back of your router device. Press your reset button and after 3 to 5 seconds switch on it again to solve this problem.

4 The broadband router is a vampire – When you have a problem that your router device runs 24/7 and gets continuous wattage. There is a simple solution that you should have a habit of often switch off/on your router device for the efficient power consumption. By this way, you can able to save a lot of power consumed by your router device and also computer.

Other three router problems and solutions:

5 Dead spots – Sometimes, the local network users have a dead spot in your home or office. It means that your 802.11 g broadband router device can’t be reached. When you are using the 802.11 g router device within your network router, you have to incorporate the MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology which allows your router to broadcast and also receive the multiple signals. By this solution, you can able to get high speed Wifi connectivity for your the best internet experience.

6 No Wifi signal – Sometimes, no Wifi signal of your wireless router can be found by your computer even though it is within a given range. The best solution to solve this problem is running a CAT 5e cable between the given 2 points. You have to plug one end of the wire in to the AC wall outlet in your equipment and another end to your broadband router. It is very helpful to make your network connection properly for getting Wifi signals from the multiple locations within your home or office network.

7 No internet connection – The wireless router users in the local home network will get a problem of no internet connection in your local area network most probably when you are moving your modem to the new location. When you have encountered this problem, you can make sure that all your connections plugged between the computer and wireless router device. For this solution, you can make use of the parental control buttons in the modem. Once you have pressed this button, you can able to lock out your available internet connection. – Every wireless broadband router device has a default IP address for setup and configurations. Likewise, this ip address is the default address for some home broadband modems or routers from the different brands such as Cayman or Netopia internet gateways, 3Com OfficeConnect routers, Linksys SRW2024 managed switches, Billion ADSL routers, and Westell modems. This default IP address is set by these manufacturers for their router devices. The networks users can enter URL in your web browser to access the configuration and console page of your router. As it is an IPv4 internet protocol address to your wireless network, one can use this ip address to get access to the router only within a network.