Earn Money With YllixMedia [ Review & Feature ]

Earn Money With YllixMedia [ Review & Feature ]

Hello Friends, I'm come back with new post for bloggers about earning money with blogging, If you are searching best alternative to Google Adsense. He

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Hello Friends, I’m come back with new post for bloggers about earning money with blogging, If you are searching best alternative to Google Adsense. Here I’m providing you Review, Feature and setting for safe earning without any malware problem. 
As you know How difficult is Adsense approval and protect yourself from getting banned. But I found the alternative site yllix.com which provides highest possible rates and minimum payout is only 1$ via PayPal without any charge.

Yllix Review

Yllix Media is an advertising network like as Google Adsense.

Types of Advertisement:

You can place up to 3 (three) banner ads per page.

Banner Ads:

Banner ads available in 5 different banner sizes 300X250, 728X90, 468X60, 160X600, 120X600.

Slider Ads:

Banner rolled up from the bottom of the page and can be closed. Banner format is chosen randomly and you can select on which side of the site the slider will appear (left/right/random). 160×600,120×600 are vertically centered on the side of page, 300×250 is on the bottom corner of the site, on the side you choose. 468×60 and 728×90 are centered horizontally bottom of the page.

Pop Up Ads:

A new window containing an advertisement opened in the browser of your visitor. Very interesting rates. You can use one popup ad per page. They offer high rates for pop up ads.

Layer Ads:

Layer Ad is a window containing an advertisement over the content of your website. An Layer ad can be closed by the visitor by clicking a red (X) icon. Very interesting rates. You can place one layer ad per page.

Full Page Ads:

Full-page Ad – A link where you can redirect your visitors. You can popup it. Very interesting rates.

Mobile redirect Ads:

Mobile redirect – place mobile redirect ad tag on your website and all visitors using mobile phone or tablet will be redirected to the advertising page. Other visitors see your website normally, without any changes.

Mobile Banner Ads:

Mobile Banner Ad – Only for mobile phones and tablets, shows affiliate banners on other devices. May be CPM, CPC or CPA. You can place up to 3 (three) banner ads per page.


Earn extra with the Yllix Affiliate Program. They have different very great packages for both advertisers and publishers.

Refer Publisher:

If you refer a publisher then you will get up to $50 for every new publisher you refer + 2% of his lifetime earnings.

Refer Advertiser:

If you refer an advertiser then you will get up to $100 for every new advertiser you refer + 1% from its lifetime expenditure.


With yllix reporting system you can get detailed information regarding traffic you have sent them, you can see each and every detail of your earning in their reporting system.

Payment System

For Minimum payment 1$ and also support Daily payments.
Yllix.com support Following payment system :

  • Paypal
  • Payza
  • Bank wire
  • Skill

Payment proofs:

yllix Payment proofs
yllix Payment proofs

Feature :

  • Easy and instant approval.
  • The minimum payment threshold is $1.
  • User friendly website.
  • Good supporting staff and dedicated account manager.
  • Accept both adult and non adult websites.
  • CPC, CPM, CPA and PopUp based advertisements.

Extra Tips :

If you use and auto redirect or pop ups that time you may see the Malware and unwanted software error or problem. So avoid the popups ads and redirect ads.
       If you have a new blog and under construction then I strongly recommend this ad network.

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