How to Build Your Own Windows Bootable Media ?

Build Your Own Windows Bootable Media using AOMEI PE Builder 2016

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Why need AOMEI PE Builder?

Nowadays, computers are part of our life. Either study or work we rely on computer too much. During the using process, we don’t know what will happen next second. Especially connecting with Internet, risk are bigger than before. The essence of computer are machine and software.

What should we do to prevent the disaster? Or what to do when disaster happened? If you are a newbie, you’d better ask for professional. If you are a geek, I think you have many solutions. For common people, with usage experience, we suggest you create a rescue media just in case your system can’t boot normally.

TricksUniversity How to Build Your Own Windows Bootable Media

In this article, we will introduce you the tool is named AOMEI PE Builder. You may heard of Windows PE before, AOMEI PE Builder is better than Win PE. Although the environment created by AOMEI PE Builder is based on Windows PE, they have great difference.

WinPE environment is DOS, while AOMEI PE Builder provides you a familiar Windows 7 environment, which including desktop, Windows explorer, start menu, task-bar, etc. Itself has a user-friendly graphical interface. Please have a look at following screenshot.

How to use AOMEI PE Builder?

TricksUniversity How to Build Your Own Windows Bootable Media

Run AOMEI PE Builder, you can see above picture as its main interface. Click Next button twice to go to the first key step: add applications and even drivers into the Windows PE for customization. AOMEI PE Builder has some built-in utilities, and you can add more tools according to your needs, such as resetting password, anting virus, etc.

Next key step is choosing a media, there are three selections: CD/DVD, USB or exporting ISO file.

TricksUniversity How to Build Your Own Windows Bootable Media

Click Next will commit the creating task.


This freeware doesn’t need installing AIK/WAIK, this is also an advanced feature than original Windows PE. To enter the PE environment, when starting up the system, adjust boot order to USB device(depends on what media you chosen before) to enter Windows PE system. The following image is what you see after entering Windows PE created by AOMEI PE Builder. To create a Windows 7 boot disk, AOMEI PE Builder is a good choice!

TricksUniversity How to Build Your Own Windows Bootable Media