How to Log into Windows 10 Using Your Phone ? [2016]

How to Log into Windows 10 Using Your Phone ? [2016]

How to Log into Windows 10 Using Your Phone ? New tricks from windows developers 2016

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Windows 10 has been in the pc world for quite some time now but it had not found its bearing in the mobile world until recently. Windows 10 is now proving to love all your devices, from mobile phones to printers to tablets. In the past these devices used to exist in isolation but now there are a range of apps and services to connect them to each other and create a multi-device system. What is even more interesting, you can log into Windows 10 using your mobile phone. The company has made an app that logs you into your nearby Windows 10 PC. Here is how it is done.


Phone sign-in beta- Microsoft is currently testing an Authenticator app for Windows 10 mobile known as the Phone Sign-in Beta. From the look of the things, the app could continue to generate codes for multi-factor authentication but the upgraded app unlocks your PC with only one tap provided that your phone and your PC are in close range. Although the new version of authenticator is not available for download, it is already listed in the Windows Store. This app will definitely play a major role in the death of the password.


Bluetooth sync- Once you have the phone sign-in beta app, the next step is to do a Bluetooth sync between your phone and your PC. After this is done, you should then open the app on your phone. You will see your computer listed and all you have to do is to tap on it. According to the latest technology news, it is not yet clear whether the Bluetooth sync is a onetime operation which will allow the app to use a local Wi-Fi network to identify your computer or you have to do the Bluetooth Authentication every time you want to log into your PC using your phone.
The app has been explicitly described for logging in at work only. However, if the latest news is anything to go by, there might be an app for home users too as suggested by the Microsoft account support. This will make working at home much easier as well as entertainment.


Android and iOS- Windows’s phone users may already be assured of this awesome feature but the same cannot be said about Android and iPhone users. The good news is that Microsoft has not been leaving other handy features limited to Windows mobile devices and hopefully there will be nothing different with this one too. We have already seen other great Windows specific features such as the Word Flow Keyboard and Cortana’s SMS functionality move to other mobile platforms and hopefully this app will follow the same trend. Microsoft offers Android users the Microsoft Account for Android which provides online verification for Microsoft accounts. The one-tap login will fit in perfectly. Android users have nothing to worry about since there is a high likelihood of this feature being made available for them too.


Projecting to larger screens- With Windows 10, it is now possible to get a PC-like experience using an app known as Continuum. This feature allows you to project your phone to a much larger screen. You can do it through a dock or an adapter or even connect to your screen or TV wirelessly. What’s more, you can even connect a mouse and a keyboard and get even more productive. Wearable technology has not been left behind on Windows 10 since Microsoft signed deals with Fitbit and they actually have a universal app for Windows 10.


Text-free login- With the elimination of the need to manually log into your computer comes the possibility of text free login. You might now find yourself using a picture or even face detection to log into your Windows 10 computer.
It has been suggested that one could also login using their fingerprint. This has not been confirmed yet and your phone will have to support that feature. All in all, this is definitely going to be fun and more secure than using typed passwords. You can now be comfortable without having to worry whether anyone knows your password.

Windows 10 will definitely take your experience with Windows devices to a whole new level. This new technology will create a system where all your devices can interact and make the transition from one to the other seamless. Staying in sync with the PC is very important for most people but sometimes it gets very hard. It has now been made really easy and a lot of inconveniences have been eliminated.

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