How to remove Peers From Utorrent ?

How to remove Peers From Utorrent ?

Trick to remove unwanted pears from utorrent's peers list block upload and download TricksUniversity.

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Hello Friends, Today I’m sharing about How to remove Peers From Utorrent ?
It is very simple if you read the entire tutorial as it contains a lot of detail that will help you block IP’s from your uTorrent client which are wasting your data bandwidth. Let’s start Tutorial. 🙂

Steps to remove Peers From Utorrent :

Step 1 : Open uTorrent.
Step 2 : Select “Preferences” from the Options menu. Now click the “Advanced” tab on the left side. Now Find “ipfilter.enable set its value to “True.”  And click on “OK” to close the Preferences page.
Step 3 : Click on any active torrent. And Click the “Peers” tab. Right-click in the “Peers” window and un-check “Resolve IPs.” This lets you see each peer’s full IP address in the “Peers” window.
How to remove Peers From Utorrent.
Step 4 : Now select IP address which you want to remove. And click on “copy selected hosts.”
Step 5 : Open Windows notepad. And paste the IPs you want to remove in the format “”.Step 6 : Save the file with the name “ipfilter.dat”. and copy in “%AppData%\uTorrent” folder. The uTorrent folder is usually located at “C:\Documents and Settings\PC_NAME\ApplicationData\uTorrent”[where “PC_NAME” is the user name of your windows account.]


How to remove Peers From Utorrent 3 2017

Press Windows key + R [Same time]

Step 7 : Now Open uTorrent again and select any active torrent. Click the “Peers” tab for the torrent. “Right-click” in the “Peers” window and click “Reload IPFilter.”
Now this automatically blocks any All IP addresses which you want block. That means that IP’s cannot upload or download from your system.
This trick is 100% working tested by me… 🙂



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