How To Use PaidVerts For Beginners & Newbies ?

How To Use PaidVerts For Beginners & Newbies ?

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Hello Friends,
This post is share because many of my friends register but they can’t understand How to Start ?
So here I’ll tell you how to start . 🙂

After Login What To DO ?

Step 1: Click on Home.

Step 2: Click on Paid Ads.

Step 3: Now you will see the 25 BAP Ads.

What: Bonus Ad Points (BAP) are essentially your earning potential when it comes to receiving paid Bulk Ads. If you want to received paid ads you need BAPs as each ad is delivered to your account, your BAP balance is reduced by the corresponding amount.

In Short: 0 Bonus Ad Points = 0 Earnings
Low Bonus Ad Points = Low Earning Potential
Huge Bonus Ad Points = Huge Earning Potential

Value: 1 Bonus Ads Points (BAP) = $0.0005

Earning Potential: The more BAP you have the more ads you will get and the more high valued ads to show. If you have enough BAP that is equal to the value of the ad, you will have the chance to get that ad and same values of BAP will be deducted in you account balance.

Computation: Number of BAP X $0.0005
1 BAP = $0.0005 ads
10 BAP = $0.005 ads
20 BAP = $0.01 ads
100 BAP = $0.05 ads
200 BAP = $0.10 ads
400 BAP = $0.20 ads
800 BAP = $0.40 ads
1600 BAP = $0.80 ads
3200 BAP = $1.60 ads
6400 BAP = $3.20 ads
12,000 BAP = $6.40 ads
24,000 BAP = $12.80 ads
48,000 BAP = $25.60 ads
96,000 BAP = $51.20 ads
180,000 BAP = $102.40 ads
360,000 BAP = $204.80 ads
720,000 BAP = $409.60 ads
1,500,000 BAP = $819.20 ads
3,000,000 BAP = $1,638.40 ads
And more if you have more than 3M+ BAP

In short If you have let’s say 96,000 BAP (as an example only) you have a chance to get:
? 1 x $51.20 valued ads or
? 2 x $25.60 valued ads or
? 4 x $12.80 valued ads or more ads ranging $0.005 – $6.40 depending on the the amount of BAP balance you have.

Note: For example you have only 1,600 BAP, then your earning potential is limited / capped to receiving ads no greater than $0.80 in value. So if you only have 1,600 BAP, and there is a $1.60 or higher paid ad in circulation, you will not be eligible to receive such ad as that would require 1600 more BAP to receive that ad. Therefore maintaining a big BAP balance is key to receiving the highest value ads and earning big at Paidverts.

Step 4: After completing BAP Ads you will see the option Request Micro Ad Pack click and activate.

Step 5: After activating click on view Bonus Ad.

Step 6: On the next page click on copy image. [Refer ScreenShot]

Step 7: And click on Proceed To Advertiser Website.

Step 8: You will see ad for 5sec or 15sec and at Right Top we will see Captcha Solve that and click on conform Button.And Click on Close Window.

Step 9: Now click on view Another Ad. and repeat Step 5 to Step 9


Step 10: Complete all the Ads [You get 4 Micro Ads Pack per day]

Step 11: How to Earn $10 A Day [Daily Little Work]

Hope this Tutorial Helpful For You. 🙂
Best Of Luck.