Top 5 Android emulators for your desktop [2016]

Top 5 Android emulators for your desktop [2016]

Top 5 Android emulators for your desktop [2016] By TricksUniversity Guest Author

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Android emulators are used so as to run Android apps and games on PC (Windows, Mac or Linux). It allows you to gain access to Android features and apps without the need to buy an Android device. However, choosing the perfect Android emulator can be a daunting task because if you don’t set it up in the correct way, you risk slowing down your computer. So, here is a list of the top 5 Android emulators for your PC and you can use them to run apps (Android) on your personal computer.

BlueStacks Android emulator for PC

According to the biggest tech news, Bluestacks is considered as the number one best android emulator for windows computer. Bluestacks is easily downloaded, and over 90 million people around the world use it because it has some unique features as compared to other Android emulators. Downloading and installing Bluestacks on your computer is a very quick process; Bluestacks uses “layer cake” technology which enables you to play most graphic-intensive games smoothly on your PC. You can also download and install apps and games directly from the Google play store using Bluestacks. A good user interface is something most people want, and Bluestacks has it, all these good features allow the emulator to be viewed as the best. Go through some of the fuse crunch tech news and you will discover more information and get yourself more familiarized with this.


Droid4x is the newest Android Emulator. Droid4x has come up with all features that are available on an Android device. The emulator has more futures compared to all other Android emulators such as; using a joystick to play games; it has the “shake” option which you can use on Android apps which require shaking. The Droid4x emulator can be resized to any dimension as you like, it also allows you to control things from your mobile phone. Droid4x allows you to record the screen when you are using an app or playing games.


This emulator is one of its kinds, controlling the screen with your mobile was first featured in Android emulator. The emulator was designed best for android games; one can play all the best Android games on a Windows PC using Android Emulator. It enables for downloading and installing Android games and apps using Windows browser. Downloading and installing Android is easy and simple, you need to have Virtual Box installed on your PC before you download Android.


This is Emulator is mainly designed for the testing purpose. It is to be used by Android developers but is also suitable for gamers and users who would like to run Android games or apps on their computers. Genymotion is faster than Bluestacks and Android because it was built on x86 Architecture virtualization. The emulator also supports microphone and webcam, like Android and Bluestacks, for making a video or audio calls using apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, and others. Next, you will need to configure the Android device on Genymotion after installing it on your Windows.

Xamarin Android Player

Xamarin Android Player includes a native user interface for desktops, and it allows you to run and test Android apps efficiently. Xamarin emulator primarily focuses for developers, it is easily usable by people who would like to try out Android new features, play high-end games or run apps. Xamarin avails features such as hardware and network simulations, native-like Android experience and lots more. The Xamarin Android Player replicates full-featured Android and is the same as Android emulator with the difference in performance. Compared to the default emulator by Google, Xamarin audio player runs faster. Xamarin emulator offers a well-designed interface, and it supports most of the games and apps from Google play store.


Android Emulators have made it possible for people to run Android apps and play Android games on their computers easily. Android developers have also found an ideal way for testing the apps they have developed through the different Android emulators such as Genymotion. Emulators like the Android makes using the computer become much easy by using your handset to control the PC screen.

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