Access Blocked Sites and Torrent downloading College And Office [No Proxy] [Updated]

Access Blocked Sites and Torrent downloading College And Office [No Proxy] [Updated]

How To Unblock torrent sites in colleges/office without proxy website access blocked facebook how to use utorrent software when torrent is blocked by ISP

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  • How To Bypass/Access the blocked torrent website in My College without proxy site?
  • How To Access Facebook On my college WiFi?
  • How To Download Torrent On College/Office WiFi?

Today I will show you how to access blocked website in colleges and offices without Virtual Private Networks ) by using this you can hide your identity and surf the web anonymously. Any proxy website, By using this trick you can download torrent also, In this trick you need VP.

The last day I found the software on Internet which is available free of cost, then I install it and surfing the internet in college and that time I notice the Facebook is working which is Blocked in college. After that I try to visit on Torrent website which are also blocked, but I can use because if this software.
The Name of the software is betternet.What is Betternet?
Betternet Free VPN Secures your Connection, Protects Your Privacy against Hackers, Hides Your IP address and Unblocks all websites.

Features of Betternet :

    • Access any Website in any Country

You can bypass internet restrictions and unblock all websites. Get access to websites censored by government, school or workplace. You can evade firewalls to watch Youtube, unblock Facebook or circumvent VOIP limitations when calling family and friends. Betternet free VPN service removes all boundaries.

    • Surf the Web Anonymously

Avoid being snooped by your ISP and prevent websites from tracking and targeting you with annoying ads. Betternet changes your IP address, so your online identity will be masked and your internet activity will be hidden.

    • Protect Your Personal Data from Hackers

When you’re connected to public wifi hotspots, hackers can scan your name, your passwords and obtain significant amounts of private information about you. Betternet encrypts your data and provides you with bank-grade security when you connect to unsecured wifi hotspots.

    • Bring all Your Devices into betternet

Download betternet VPN for Windows, iOS, Android, Chrome and Firefox Extensions to acquire an instant internet privacy, data security and access to any websites for free.

How to access the blocked site in College/Office ?
It is very simple trick, Follow the following step and get access to torrent and blocked sites.

How To Access Blocked Site Without Proxy Website ?

Step 1 : Download Betternet.[Download link available in Download section or You can google it]
Download Betternet according to your operating system. [Android,Windows,Or Use Browser Add-on for Firefox/Chrome 🙂 ]

Step 2 : Open the Betternet [Run As Administrator].

Step 3 : Wait For Connect Button.

Step 4 : When you see the connect button click on it.

Step 5 : And wait for connected message.

Step 6 : You will the get connected message as well as you connect.

Step 7 : Now access any website without any risk and access blocked website also

Step 8 : Most important enjoy.  🙂 🙂

Download Section :

Download For Windows10/8/7 Download For iPhone/iPad/iOS Google Chrome FireFox

For Android Play Store Link / Direct Link

Alternative VPN

Hola VPN

Also checkout Comparison of the best VPNs for Torrenting
Comment if you know any other 🙂

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