Wireless Router Setup Tutorial

Wireless Router Setup Tutorial

It is not that difficult to setup a wireless router. It is very simple to use the wireless internet connection in case your PC had a wireless network card.

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It is very simple to use the wireless internet connection in case your PC had a wireless network card. To set up a Wi-Fi router, it is best to use the directions offered by the wireless router supplier. The guidelines will be supplied in printed format and a CD. It’s possible to get the program from the internet on top of that.

Components specifications

The following computer hardware is vital before starting installing the wireless router. This consists of a Wi-Fi router, a networking cable and a wireless network card.

Choosing the right wireless router 

Since the computer system is advanced at a superb pace, make sure you want to go for a network device that you can use for the arriving two to five years with no complications. If you are likely to use it with a Computer, the router’s compatibility with the Operating system needs to be verified.

Other issues you should check out include speed capacity and technologies, warrantee information, price, critiques and user feedback. Using user’s product reviews is actually great simply because if a different person experienced difficulties with the particular router it is easy to find information about it online. The assistance available from the manufacturer also can be spotted so that you can choose the perfect router based on your requirements.

How you can install the router by yourself

Your wireless router should be connected to the modem using an Ethernet cable in order to do it without a support application.

The wireless router must be attached to the power. Normally it takes only a minute for the router to begin operating.

The router and the personal computer need to be connected through an Ethernet cable.

You must login to the wireless router settings by starting a browser on your PC. When you start the internet browser, enter the wireless router IP address in the URL bar. You will find the IP of the wireless router in the documentation offered by the maker. In most of the situations, the default Internet protocol address will be or

Next, write the default password in order to access the wireless router options and install the network. Usually the default login name for the router is “admin”. At the same time, one of the most commonly used account details are either “admin: or “password”. You can find the data in the documentation.

You will get easy access to the admin page. You can actually customize the network name here. You can also decide on a completely different type of file encryption. It is highly recommended to decide on WPA2 file encryption.

You need to use your password to get into the network to ensure that not authorized entry can be stopped. The password should be safe enough in order that it will never be cracked quickly. Be sure that the password consists of special characters and numbers, not just alphabets.

Its also wise to change your router password, so it’s impossible to connect to the configurations and modify them without the need for your permission.

Now, you may detach the computer and the router can be accessed wirelessly without any issues.

Ways to set up the wireless router by using a program

Before you begin, be sure to detach the router from the desktop computer, modem and the power supply.

After that, put the setup CD into the personal computer. Make sure to use the latest edition of the software. If your installation software program is old, it is easy to download it out of the official website right away. Setting up the wireless router using a software is quite easy. The instructions given on screen need to be followed.

We suggest connecting the router and Laptop or computer using an Ethernet cable connection. The actual Wi-Fi features of the wireless router may become available when you set-up a SSID and password.

Sharing the internet connection

Once you finish setting up your wireless router, it is possible to quickly share your web internet connection with some other users.

In case you handle cabled internet connection, the primary computer should be started up. Additionally, if you are using it wirelessly, it is easy to switch off your primary Computer.

Whilst setting up the router, you shouldn’t compromise on protection issues. Just make sure never to connect to unlocked networks and your personal data will be safer.

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