How To find your IP address ?

How To find your IP address ?

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Hello Friends, Today I’m posting about How To find the IP address?
Knowing your IP address can help you troubleshoot problems with your internet connection. there are two IP addresses:

 1 . Internal network
 2 . External network.

1.1 Find your internal (network) IP address in Windows :

1. Open The command prompt ( CMD )
2. At the command prompt, type ipconfig , and then press Enter.


1.2 Find your internal (network) IP address in Ubuntu / Linux :

1. Open The Terminal
2. At the terminal, type ip addr show eth0 , and then press Enter.

[ip addr show eth0]

2.0 Find your external (internet) IP address In Windows / Linux :

  1.  Visit Here.
  2.  The site will display your external IP address for you.