MultCloud 3.8 and MultCloud

MultCloud 3.8 and MultCloud

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Hello guys, we posted an article about multiple clouds manager – MultCloud 3 months ago, the old article is based on 3.6. Now the latest version is 3.8, what’s more, MultCloud developed a Google Chrome extension app. Since there are so many changes of MultCloud that I’d like to publish a new article today!

Changes of MultCloud3.8

In 3.8, MultCloud supports up to 25 different cloud services. By the way, the brand “Copy” cloud stopped its services. New added clouds in MultCloud are: MEGA and Evernote.
About functions, there are some new features and some improvements. Upload supports uploading URL, for example, a download link, MultCloud will help you convert to the end file. Share option has been upgraded a lot, added folder share, save share and transfer share functions. There is a special share management on the left panel. Preview supports more file types, such as txt, html and js.

Switch to the Transfer interface, you can see the title has changed. Only named Transfer Service, remove Backup words. But the functions has no changes. Without any doubt, MultCloud fix some bugs.

MultCloud’s Chrome extension

You can find the app from Chrome Web Store, download and install it on your browser. Except Google Chrome, it can also be installed on other browsers, such as Vivaldi. If the browser’s core is similar to Chrome, maybe it can use this app.

After installed, there will be a new added icon on the toolbar as following show:

The icon has two states. If you haven’t logged in, click it will ask you sign in MultCloud. If you have entered MultCloud, click it will show you task manager.

In web edition of Google Drive, there is a new added button – TRANSFER TO CLOUD on the left. Once you click it, will jump to MultCloud in a new tab and pop-up a window ask you whether to transfer Google Drive to another account or to Google Drive.


In cloud computing age, almost every user have at least one cloud drive. With the help of MultCloud, we can manage all cloud storage in one place easily. MultCloud is an amazing app, we are looking forward to its next upgrading.