How to make folder without name & icon [2016]

How to make folder without name & icon [2016]

How To Make Folder Without Name & Icon in windows 10 working trick advance hidden folder trick for windows

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Hello Friends,
I’m back with a new interesting trick for Windows. There are some files which you want to hide from others on your Hard disk or Pen Drive. In this recently shared one trick which has hidden files behind the images. Here I’ll share trick to make a folder without name and also remove icon of the folder also that mean’s folder without name and icon. Don’t worry, it is very easy, just follow steps.

Steps to Make Folder without Name:

  1. Create New folder.
  2. Right click on New folder and select Rename.
  3. Now Press and hold the ALT key of Right side and type 0160 or 255.
  4. Now leave ALT key and Press Enter.
  5. Now your folder is without name. :)

Steps to Remove Folder Icon:

Get help from screenshot in case of confusion.

  1. Right click on Nameless Folder and select Properties.
  2. Now Select the Customize Tab.
  3. Now Click on Change Icon.
  4. Now scroll to right and select the bank icon.
  5. Now Click on OK button. And Then Click on Apply button.
  6. Now Check your folder is without ICON and Name. :)

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